A guide to ensure a safe School Wi-Fi network for your kids

For most of our children, School Wi-Fi is more like a digital playground than a classroom for studies. As long as their internet uses limits to playing games, surfing, shopping or even chatting with friends, everything is fine. However, school authorities must keep an eye on whatever contents they share or post on their social media accounts. As a parent, we are liable for it too, so better to visit McAfee.com/activate to ensure the security of our devices.


But, what if they divert to websites that deal in more disturbing or erotic contents for their age group? Then as parents, we can only blame the school authorities for breaking our trust and being careless on students’ regular online activities. Instead, a better solution is to go for McAfee Activate. Frankly speaking, we can’t blame the school staff either on the grounds of not being extra vigilant. Teachers and staff are too few in comparison of the enormity of students in a single classroom.

On the other hand, it’s impossible to locate a single student without a device in his/her backpack in this digital age. www.mcafee.com/activate is best to secure those devices. Vast majority of schools have embraced the countless learning benefits that internet-connected devices offer our kids. The out-dated traditions of textbooks and blackboard lectures that were confined to the four walls of classroom are ‘history’. They are replaced by digital classrooms with LED screens where kids can easily download notes, research, explore, share, perform, and learn. McAfee Activate and latest technologies has changed the way of students’ life like never before.

However, to make this new learning occur, schools need to have Internet-access. So, our kids can access their benefits and that is where school Wi-Fi comes into play.

School Wi-Fi protected with McAfee.com/activate enlightens our knowledge-based skills. But, it has a dark side that opens in the shady alleys of cybercrimes and contents that are restricted for students below 18.

What should we do as a parent?

As parents, we must ask questions to school authorities regarding the category of contents that is accessible through their Wi-Fi. We are responsible to protect network with McAfee.com/activate and ensure that kids are not engaged in anything beyond their strength of understanding. That includes everything they do on School Wi-Fi network under the security of McAfee activate. Ideally, a school should have a secure Wi-Fi network but regrettably, that doesn’t mean they have it. School budgets are tight and Top-notch secure Wi-Fi Connection with Antivirus and Malware protection are expensive. So, in rare cases, security may be jeopardized and Wi-Fi devices are vulnerable to cyber attacks and digital infiltration without firewall protection.

Another factor that requires a tight McAfee.com/activate surveillance is that our kids have in-depth knowledge of latest techs and they are aware of all the backdoors and loopholes. The possibility that one of them may wreak havoc to their school Wi-Fi, shouldn’t be taken lightly.

In conclusion, the McAfee activate security of School Wi-Fi network is all about whether it has a tight access control or not. Only if, School authorities allow limited and approved devices to access Wi-Fi network via a secure login ID and password, then it is safer than Public Wi-Fi. However, if you share the password and allow regular people access the Wi-Fi network, then you need to treat it as a Public Wi-Fi.

What are the complications of an unsecured Wi-Fi network?

An unsecured school Wi-Fi network is as risky as a Public Wi-Fi, which according to ‘Harvard Business Review’ is as risky as rolling a dice. Whether it’s a student or teacher or staff member, who connects their device to an unsecured Wi-Fi network are at risks of cybercrimes, Phishing emails and ramsomeware attacks. Protect your devices with www.mcafee.com/activate. They could be a victim of cyber breach in their digital life or privacy issues or have their private data stolen. The entire school could be at risk of getting their student records stolen or deleted, leading to a total shutdown of school’s operation without McAfee activate.

What actions should we take to secure our kid’s digital life?

  • Talk to the school authorities regarding the WI-Fi access control
  • Install Antivirus and Malware protection in your devices
  • Keep your antivirus and cyber protection software up to date
  • Schedule regular data backup
  • Do not share the WI-Fi password to an unidentified person
  • Always check the internet history of your kid’s device

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