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Welcome to the world of internet and computer security! Hackers are always on the prowl to get the sensitive information of banks, corporate companies, and even a personal account. If you have a lot of bank balance, and some sensitive information in your inbox, it is possible that someone is already planning to steal your identity and money. Additionally, there is always a chance that you might click on an ‘appealing’ site advertisement and a virus may creep in your computer/laptop/phone. Can we avoid this from happening? The answer is YES! What if the virus or malware has already attacked your system? There is a solution for THAT as well. You basically need Mcafee activate to protect your system from malicious activities and avoidable viruses.

Founded in the year 1987, Mcafee has millions of ardent customers, who trust the brand completely. Gone are those days when you called a computer expert to install a security system in your computer. In today’s world, everyone owns a smart phone and they have become smarter in terms of technology. Mcafee products can be easily purchased from a retail store. You can either buy it offline or online! If you have invested in an Mcafee MAV Retail card, it is about time that you must redeem it.

Why do you need to purchase Mcafee MAV Retail Card?

  • To save your computer from internet hackers. Do remember that your mobile and laptop carries sensitive information like your bank account details, credit card information and even the most important deals between the clients and you.
  • It saves your computer from viruses and malware. If these attack your system, it will become slow, important files may vanish and the computer/laptop/phone will slow down.

What’s the solution? Buying a Mcafee MAV retail card would be ideal!

Where can you find an MAV Retail Card –

While there are too many distributers across the globe, buy it from a genuine source. You can find it online and offline. If you buy it online, the activation code will be sent to you via email. Additionally, you can find the activation code behind the MAV card. It is a mcafee activate 25-digit code which you need to keep close to you as this will help in the activation process. You can even find the card from any retail store near you. Make sure you buy it from a genuine source.

How to Redeem the MAV Retail Card?

It may seem amusing to you, but the process is fairly simple. Just follow the simple instructions, and you will be able to redeem the card easily without any hassle.

  • Firstly, visit the
  • The activation code is necessary here. Type the 25-digit code in the box and click on ‘submit’.
  • Once this is done, you will be prompted to login.
  • If you do not have an account on Mcafee, create one by registering. This will hardly take few minutes, and you will need to verify the new account by clicking on the link that you receive in your inbox.
  • In case you have already used your activation code, you can download the software immediately.
  • Login with your credentials. You have successfully redeemed your activation code.


  • You can visit
  • Both the links take you to the same page as mentioned-above.
  • Once you have typed the activation code, you have successfully used it and now it is time for installing and downloading the software.

Some users may be redirected to a page where they need to mention the country, name, email address, phone number, and activation code. You would need to type in the details before proceeding. Do note that this step is necessary. There is no other way to download or install the legit software on your computer.

When you have an activation code, it gives you the comfort that you are using a legit product and not getting scammed by a fake distributor.

Learning about the Prerequisites –

There are some pointers which should be kept in your mind. Before you redeem your activation code, it is best to go through this quick check list.

  • Make sure that your operating system is updated.
  • Uninstall McAfee or remove any of the existing antivirus software before installing Mcafee.
  • You need to have a strong and fast internet connection. When you use a CD or DVD, a slow internet connection may not be a hindrance. Since you are downloading it straight from an online source, it is best to have a stable internet connection.

Lastly, find the activation code at the back of the retail card. It will also reach you via email in your inbox. Do not share it with anyone because you will be using this code to download Mcafee on your system.