| McAfee MIS Retail card | – Cyber security is an important aspect, and most businesses are investing on the best anti-virus and anti-malware software to keep their system free from viruses and identity theft. When we talk about cyber security or computer security, we often think about issues like different types of malware. However, we do not look beyond that! The issues are much more grave and needs immediate attention. You need a solution which includes anti-malware, anti-virus, firewall and anti-spam. Once the best security software is installed on your device, your business or even the computer/laptop in your home can be protected from all the possible threats.


Mcafee activate is counted as one of the top computer security software providers. You can either purchase it online or offline. Speaking of offline purchase, the buyer will get the Mcafee MIS Retail card. The question is – How do we redeem them? How does one locate the activation code?

Since your mind is fogged up with too many thoughts and confusions, we are here to discuss the matter in detail.

How can the user redeem, install and download the MIS Retail Card?

You can easily find the retail card in any retail store near you. However, you need to be cautious about whether you are getting a legit product or not. Majority of the buyers prefer buying the retail card instead of installing the software from a CD. Why is that so? This ensures that you are downloading the updated and most recent version of

If you are using an old-school computer, you may even opt for a CD installation. However, use the retail cards in case you are installing it on your phone or newest laptop model. Basically, the MIS retail card is letting you download the software straight from the internet instead of using a CD or DVD.

Steps for Redeeming, Installing and Activating the MIS Retail Card

  • The users will find all the details on the retail card as it comes with user instructions. Read the instructions before you move forward. In case it is unclear to you, we can tell you how it is done in few simple steps.
  • Visit
  • Click on ‘click here to get started’ and you will be redirected to a page which asks for your country, name, email address, phone number and your mcafee activate 25-digit code. You will find this on the retail card.
  • Tick the box which says ‘I consent’ and then click on ‘submit’.
  • Follow the instructions after you have submitted the details. Your retail card will be redeemed.

#Note – You can even use You will be redirected to a page which asks for your activation code. Type the activation code in the box and log in. In case you do not have an account on Mcafee, you would need to create an account. Once you reach the login page, you will find ‘register now’ option where you can sign up within few minutes.

The Prerequisites for Redeeming the MIS (Mcafee Internet Security) Retail Card

Before you install the Mcafee software, it is important to keep certain prerequisites in your mind. It is wise of you to purchase the MIS card because you can get your hands on the latest version. The CD and DVD works well when your internet connection is very poor and they are quicker to mcafee download. However, it is best to purchase an MIS card for the latest version.

Let us now look at the prerequisites that you must follow:

  • If you have any other antivirus program installed on the system, it is important to uninstall it before you install this software. You must ensure that the program has been removed.
  • The operating system should be updated. Is it compatible with the Mcafee security system? Check the manual of the retail card about the system requirements. You can also check it online as the details are given clearly.
  • You must have the activation code which is printed on the retail card. When you are redeeming the card, find the 25-digit code and enter it online.
  • In case the installation, download or redeeming fails then it is possible that you are not following the instructions carefully. You have access to the manual, Google and even our site which has clearly stated the step-by-step process.

For McAfee Help, Contact McAfee Customer Support

Finally, you must choose a mcafee retail card as per your requirement. There are MAV, MTP, and MLS cards as well. We always suggest the users to opt for MIS retail card for the simple reason that it gives you the opportunity to download the newest version. Technology is experiencing new changes every single day.

It is best to embrace the newest changes and stay up-to-date. Redeem your MIS retail card today. Now you know that it is not rocket science!