– McAfee MTP Retailcard Download & Install – McAfee MTP retail card comes with a comprehensive package of security features that helps users in protecting their data against emerging cybercrime and threats. A licensed product gives you the authenticity of data security and access; hence, with a licensed version of McAfee MTP antivirus, you allow the cybersecurity measures work actively.

With the security software, you entitle yourself to check the performance of the software. Although users have the choice to pick between free and a subscription version, you will eventually require buying a subscription one the trial version expires. To know how to get started with Mcafee MTP retailcard or online Mcafee MTP subscription, follow the instruction below.

How do you Install McAfee MTP on your computer?

  1. Go to the official McAfee page and click on either of these options
  • For Consumer
  • For Business
  1. From the next page, click Products and proceed
  2. Scroll down and check all the features offered by McAfee MTP before the subscription
  3. To have Free McAfee trial product click ‘Free trial’ or if your free trial has expired, click ‘Buy now’
  4. Select the package as per your need for device protection
  5. On the next page, on the payment method page, enter the details to proceed with the subscription
  6. Click Place My order
  7. Login to Uses with  Mcafee retail card will need to create an account
  8. You will get a confirmation email of your order
  • If you have ordered for a McAfee MTP retail card, you will receive the retailcard with your McAfee activation keycode and a link where you will need to locate the key
  • If you order is of online subscription, you will receive a confirmation email and McAfee license keycode on your registered email address
  1. Redeem Mcafee MTP license key and locate it at Mcafee MTP retailcard
  2. Download the software
  3. Open the downloaded file and continue to install it
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the procedure

The installation might take several. Let the process complete, turn on McAfee firewall and then restart your computer. Now, the security software will constantly analyze the ongoing activates and take actions accordingly. If you have pre-installed McAfee security software, then skip the above step and check whether the software is running actively or not.

If your Mcafee MTP retail card subscription is expired then you will need to activate or renew the product. To determine if your subscription is still active, paste the activation key on and submit. When you see a message indicating that the license key has expired, carry forward to get a product renewal procedure.

McAfee Retail card activation

  1. Open in an updated web browser
  2. Redeem the key from your Mcafee MTP retail card and locate it in the field under ‘Enter your 25-digit activation code’, and then submit
  3. Log in to your McAfee account and go to subscription details
  4. Check if your product is active or expired
  5. If expired, the from the home page and click Support
  6. Click ‘RENEWALS’
  7. Select your product from your profile and follow the on-screen instructions

After completing the renewal, you will get an active license key code. Locate at and download the active software. Also, make sure that there is no other security or antivirus software installed on your computer. Even if you have a different McAfee product version, say McAfee liveSafe, it is mandatory to remove it to eliminate the chances of software conflicts and installation errors. Keep your McAfee retail card subscription activated to maintain the protective layers on your data.