Privacy Policy

While using any of our services, you must abide by the rules laid by the company. As long as you continue to avail our services, you must follow the privacy policy principles mentioned in our guideline. In case there is any disagreement, the matter can be settled in the court.

We have a set of rules and regulations which are applicable to every customer and client who wishes to avail our services. They are equally applicable for every one of them. The main objective for creating the privacy policy is to protect our customers’ database and avoid any kind of data leak. It is meant to be in favour and interest of our customers. The privacy policy rules laid down by the company is merely a tool to maintain the level of trust with our valuable customers.

The main reasons for our privacy policy are:

  • We do not compromise customer data with any third party. Even if such information is to be shared with a third party for technical reasons, we ensure there are enough safety checks.
  • Whatever information we collect, it is only done with the due consent of the customer. We do not collect any information forcefully against the wishes of the customer.
  • We use the latest technologies and equipment which ensure that no data is lost and your valuable information is not compromised.
  • Whatever information we collect, we do so solely for professional purposes. We do not share any data from one customer with another.

By agreeing to our privacy policy, you agree to proceed with our services. If you are availing any kind of service from our organisation, you are hereby required to maintain such rules throughout and for as long as you wish to continue with our services. The privacy policy is meant to increase bonding between customers and servers and increase the amount of trust. By choosing to use our services and agreeing to maintain the privacy policies, you agree to maintain that bond of trust between us. So, it is important that before you want to proceed, you must go through the privacy policy.